Thursday, July 21, 2016

Fox Builder Punch

Oh My Goodness!  What fun I had making these wonderful little creatures!  And I can still come up with a few more but I wanted to get a wall hanging picture done for a baby's room. Most of these are done exclusively with the Fox Builder Punch, but a few had some hand cut items or circles punched with handle held punch (mostly for eyes).

Some of these are my own designs and some are CASEd from Pintrest. Hope you enjoy!


  1. very cute! what did you use for the panda eyes and koala nose?

    1. Thank you! I had such fun making them. Actually, they are free handed from circles. I started with the largest eyes on the Owl Builder punch for the Panda eyes, and started with a 1/2 circle for the Koala nose. The nose could be a bit longer, but I just kept trimming and trimming and oops, shorter than I was going after. But still turned out okay. You could start all of them with any circle or just go freehand if you're good with scissors. Thanks for stopping by!