About Me

I'm a Texas girl through and through.  I was born in East Texas in a small town called Kilgore. I've lived in Texas all my life and currently live just north of Houston. I like to travel and have visited most states and a few countries and loved every one of them, but Texas is my home.

I'm single and my only children have fur and four legs. There is Snowball, she's over 15 years old and a white lab mix. Tiger who is ten and he's a black and white Shitzu who used to belong to my parents. And finally a 5 year old rescue named Scout who is also a black and white Shitzu that I've had about a year.  Can't imagine my life without my babies!


Scout and Tiger

I'm semi-retired. I had a great 23 year career with Compaq Computers/Hewlett-Packard. I took a retirement package in 2007 from HP. Since then I've done several jobs to keep busy; I did a little real estate, taught high school for 4 years (boy is that and experience...and a different story), and now I take part time jobs or seasonal jobs as I see fit.

I love to do two things more than any other and they are crafting and riding my Harley motorcycle. I do different types of crafting but paper crafting is my most favorite. Most of what you see on this blog is about paper crafting but at least one page will be dedicated to my other crafts that I create along the way.

I hope you enjoy!

This is Bruiser!

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